Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint: A platform to share knowledge, manage assets and collaborate on projects.

Microsoft SharePoint helps to open communication lines between applications, people, documents and external stakeholders. It is a multi-purpose platform that helps to bring together and manage projects, teams and information. Share ideas, collaborate on projects, manage digital assets and documents easily and securely. We provide complete consulting services to help you plan, develop and deploy SharePoint based solutions successfully.

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint Benefits

Highly customizable solutions including corporate Intranets
Provides your team with collaborative solutions that allows all users to work together, on projects and collaborate actively. They can maintain task lists, implement workflows and share information easily through blogs and wikis.

Customer & Partner Portals to share information
Build Extranets and Portals to automate transactions with vendors and partners and share information easily. Enable users to view content as per their profile. Bring together partners, vendors and processes by using SharePoint.

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Document & Records Management
SharePoint has excellent records and document management capabilities. The Binary Large Object (BLOB) can be scaled up to save a huge amount of records and data. Keep track of all your records including those needed for regulatory and governance requirements.

Enterprise Search
SharePoint has powerful search capabilities that can be honed to easily search out content, people and knowhow in business applications. Ramp up employee productivity by helping them find personalized content and share and reuse information.

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Business Process and Forms
Use SharePoint to build simple workflows without code and electronic forms to automate routine business processes. We can automate complex workflows as well use customized programming to help streamline your operations.

Business Intelligence
SharePoint allows employees to access important business information from different sources, analyze it to acquire actionable business insights and publish detailed reports to help take better business decisions.

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Multiple deployment options
Microsoft SharePoint can be run off the cloud or on-premise so that each business can customize the method that works best for them.

SharePoint On-Premise: This solution is best for organizations who need complete control and management of their solution.

SharePoint Online: You get all the features of SharePoint without having the expense and effort of managing infrastructure. The SharePoint deployment can be a standalone solution in the Cloud or Part of the Office 365 suite.