Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP - Accounting and ERP for mid-sized businesses

Microsoft Dynamics GP is surprisingly affordable and perfect for customers who have industry-specific requirements and need a robust accounting and ERP solution without breaking the bank. The solution caters to a large range of users and requirements without being overtly complex. Microsoft Dynamics GP centers on activities such as education, non-profits, consumer packaged goods, distribution and manufacturing.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP: The Benefits

Get greater control over accounts, financials, inventory and operations
Microsoft Dynamics GP has been designed to take care of accounting, financials and inventory of mid-size organizations.

Fast to implement, Microsoft Dynamics GP hits the ground running
The solution can be set up quickly and implemented. Data can be migrated and updated from legacy systems easily.

Connects people and systems seamlessly
Connect your people and systems efficiently and streamline business processes with an easy to use Microsoft interface. Brings data, business applications, documents, and devices together with your employees

Integrates and connects critical activities
The solution connects inventory control with purchasing and sales order processing, and makes for more informed and effective purchasing and inventory management. It also handles complex financial budgeting, analysis and reporting requirements with ease.

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Affordable solution for industry-specific requirements
The solution meets the need of specific businesses without them having to go in for costly coding and development. The solution is easy to upgrade as you grow in size and can scale up to accommodate multiple locations, countries and industries with a single solution. A big advantage is the familiar Microsoft interface that helps your people hit the ground running.

A large array of capabilities

Financial management and accounting: Manage your banking, cash and assets.

Inventory management and operations: Production, inventory, orders, and vendors can be easily managed.

Sales and service: Manage your sales, service contracts, and field resources.

Business intelligence and reporting: Get real-time visibility and analytics to track performance and benefit from actionable insights.

Human resources and payroll: keep track of hiring, training and paying employees.

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