Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX - An ERP solution for large multinationals

If you are part of a huge global organization with complex, industry-specific business processes, Microsoft Dynamics AX is right for you. It has a wide ranging, in-depth core ERP functionality that is ideal for financial and human resources management along with managing complex operational and business processes. It is more cost-effective and as powerful as applications like Oracle and SAP and is much easier to implement and adopt.

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Who uses Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Microsoft Dynamics AX clients are typically international companies with a large scale of operation, hundreds of users and multi-level, sophisticated business processes. They are likely to have complicated business systems with large inventories, formulas and recipes. They usually need a high degree of customization of the solution. Microsoft Dynamics AX supports both-administrative and operational processes and comes with localizations for 36 countries.

Microsoft Dynamics AX: The Benefits

Complete customization for maximum business performance
We customize Microsoft Dynamics AX to your business and processes and integrate it into your systems. The result is an effortless extension of your business systems that helps you get great results and an improved bottom line.

Take better decisions and improve productivity
The smart business intelligence and role-tailored customized information helps employees make informed and better decisions while enabling them to work faster.

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Change and growth are easily manageable
Microsoft Dynamics AX is a single solution that backs up your strategic initiatives and helps manage change especially in case of major events like takeovers, acquisitions, mergers and product launches.

Manage and thrive globally
Operations in different countries? Manage it all efficiently with a single centralized multi-language, multi-site, multi-country solution - Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Compliance is easy
Stay ahead of regulatory compliance and reduce risk and liability associated with corporate governance and customer initiatives.

Efficient business processes globally
Get standardization in your service centers globally. Cut down on operational costs and minimize redundancy. Make resource and material allocations across facilities faster and with precision.