Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence: Use your data to unlock valuable business insights and make better decisions

In today's challenging economic environment, many financial services companies are striving to differentiate themselves from the competition. However, price, products, and distribution models can often be imitated by competitors, and financial customers are more demanding than ever.


Business Intelligence: what we do

Grow your business, increase revenues
With the help of business intelligence and analytics, you can use your vast data to help in forecasting trends to improve profitability. BI gives you access to actionable dashboards, KPIs, metrics and platforms to examine what’s actually happening in your business and operations across all departments and aspects. This helps in visualizing, exploring and analyzing data. Forecast the future using predictive analytics and models and then take appropriate steps to ensure favorable business outcomes.

Our business intelligence solution focuses on:

  • Enterprise-wide reporting
  • Online analytical processing
  • Predictive analysis
  • Data mining
  • Data benchmarking
  • Business performance management tools
Materials management for healthcare organizations

Data Warehousing
We need to collect data from disparate sources and need to design an effective data warehouse solution that would be instrumental in capturing, cross-linking and retrieving important data from customer directories, CMS and other processing systems to a powerful single database.

Data Visualization
You need to have your data displayed in formats that are attractive, user friendly and clear. We provide various options to present your data such as digital dashboards, diagrams, charts, graphs and spreadsheets. This helps you to get a clear picture of what is happening and to optimize business performance.


Reporting & Analysis
Your data can be used to provide a host of different reports and analytics. Some examples include:

  • Person-specific productivity indicators
  • Report card of your business performance
  • Detailed reports for insight-driven decision-making
  • Specialized analysis models that display business data according to specific user-defined parameters and deliver detailed reports immediately
  • A decision engineering module performs real-time analysis and throws up scenarios users can interact with to view the results of potential decisions

Types of BI Solutions

Custom BI solutions
If you so require, we can develop custom, scalable BI solutions from scratch, specifically for your business to enable your people to make smart data-driven business decisions.

Customized BI solutions
We customize third-party BI solutions, modules and plug-ins for your business and seamlessly integrate them into enterprise frameworks.

Integration of BI solutions
We connect different applications, legacy systems run on different operating systems and use multiple databases to unlock the potential of isolated information stores to create a powerful integrated business framework.

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