Upgrade and Migration

Are you working with an outdated version of a Dynamics solution and want an upgrade? Are you hesitant you might not get the right quality of implementation? We are here to help. We provide complete upgradation services for Microsoft Dynamics and highly competitive pricing. We provide services, tools and processes to help you upgrade to the latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics fast and cost-effectively so you can get the most out of your Dynamics solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics Upgrades

Microsoft Dynamics Upgrades

We focus on providing you a fast and hassle-free transition to the new version of your Dynamics solution. Our processes and methodology reduce business impact, disruption and risk.

Initial Evaluation: We analyze your current situation and decide on the path forward. We will determine the scope of the upgrade and evaluate costs to construct a strong business case.

Planning: We will work with you to map a smooth and effective upgrade, so you are well prepared with processes and tools in place before the upgrade even starts.

Execution: You can depend on lowered implementation costs with a combination of onsite and virtual resource delivery. Our process templates, accelerators and implementation methodology ensures your upgrade is as fast as possible and you hit the ground running.

Data Migration from legacy software

When you are upgrading to a new Dynamics version or a new business system, we understand how critical it is to accurately and speedily extract, map and import data. Data migration is a key element of all our projects. The collective result of our experience and expertise are smart tools that help us automate, collect and cleanse data from different sources. We follow time-tested practices and processes to ensure your data migration is smooth, fast and minimally disruptive to your operations.

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