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Key Services Covered

  • Azure Support
  • Code Promotions
  • CU Updates
  • Custom Application Development
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Setup
  • Functional Support
  • Hotfixes
  • Integrations
  • Issue Diagnosing & Bug Fixing
  • Issue Resolution

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  • Analyze your environment
  • Solution Audit

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Microsoft Dynamics Support Services

We help you optimize your Dynamics applications for seamless running by timely resolution of any related problems and changes.

Among the reasons innovative business applications are keenly adopted by business organizations, impact on efficiency is always near the top of the list. Microsoft Dynamics solutions (MS NAV, AX, CRM, Dynamics 365, Business Portals, etc.) are no different. Organizations are fast adopting these solutions for higher performance, better results, and faster growth. This is why any technical support service you use for problems related to these solutions needs to be swift, comprehensive, and expert. With netsmartz, you get highly reliable Microsoft Dynamics support.



  • MS AX
  • MS NAV
  • MS CRM
  • Dynamics 365
    (Sales, Customer Service, Field Services, Project Service Automation, Finance,Operations & Finance and Talent)
  • SharePoint
  • Power BI
  • Custom Applications
    (.net, Java, PHP, Java Script, SQL Server/Oracle etc. )

Functional Services

  • Business Analysis
  • Solution Designing / Mapping
  • Business Process Improvement
  • KPI Evaluation / Enhancement
  • Functional Assistance
  • Add-on implementation
  • Financial / Inventory Audit
  • User Training / Assistance
  • Application Testing
  • Documentation

Technical Services

  • Issue Resolution
  • Upgrades & Updates
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical Support
  • Performance Tuning
  • Migration to Cloud
  • Development and Configurations
  • Integrations
  • Hotfixes
  • Custom Application Development

IT Support

  • Issue Resolution
  • System Monitoring
  • Server and Application Maintenance
  • Security Role Audit
  • Office 365 Support
  • Azure & AWS Support
  • Disaster Recovery Planning & Setup

Multiple cost-effective plans

Plan Constituents Per Ticket Smart 10 Smart 20 Smart 50 Smart 100 Build Your Team
Hours Included NA 10 hours 20 hours 50 hours 100 hours 160 hours per resource
Hourly - Plan Rate 75 $65 $60 $55 $50 NA
Rollover Hours Allowed NA 10 hours 40 hours 100 hours 300 hours NA
24*7 Customer Care Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Response Time 8 hours 24 hours 8 hours 4 hours 2 hours Always Available
Dedicated Account Manager NA No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Support Team NA No No Yes Yes Yes
Number of Authorized Contacts NA 1 1 3 3 4
Account Manager Onsite Visit No NA No No No Yes

Call us at 1-888-661-8967 or drop an email at to know more.

Multiple cost-effective plans

Plan Constituents Per Ticket Smart 10 Smart 20 Smart 50 Smart 100 Build Your Team
Monthly Commitment $100 per ticket
Plus Hourly Rate
$650 $1,200 $2,750 $5,000 Request a Quote
Hours included NA 10 20 50 100 160
Hourly - Plan Rate 75 $65 $60 $55 $50
Rollover Hours Allowed NA 10 40 100 300

Call us at 1-888-661-8967 or drop an email at to know more.

Onboarding Process

Analyze your Environment
  • We conduct interviews with the main users to generate a list of the latest business processes.
  • We collect data about system requirements and functional and technical issues.
  • We examine customizations and modifications done to the system see whether we can replace these with standard functionality or potential redesign in the migration process to a new version.
  • We analyze your database and applications to zone in on risks and make suggestions to reduce/avoid any adverse effects.
  • We identify the restrictions of the architecture and how it will affect the system performance.
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Solution Audit Overview

Microsoft Dynamics Solution Audit is one of our Netsmartz services. Once you sign up with us for support, the Audit is the first step, which allows us to get an assessment of the current state of health of your environments as well as prospects for future development.

The service consists of a technical and functional audit along with an infrastructure audit. The results of the audit include recommendations to enhance and optimize system performance as well as potential configuration adjustments to the servers. The outcome of the functional audit are recommendations aimed at increasing system efficiency correlating to business processes.

Expected Audit Results
  • Optimization summary and recommendations Independent review of your environment
  • Assert whether your environment adheres to Microsoft Best Practices
  • Server and network infrastructure report in line with Microsoft requirements and best practices
  • Outline of possible scenarios for future system development, estimation of their duration, cost and potential risks
  • All Audit results are transferred to the support team immediately upon completion

Call us at 1-888-661-8967 or drop an email at to know more.

Issue Reporting
  • Online Help Desk
  • Email Dedicated Support Team
  • Call 24*7 Customer Care

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