We offer a wide range of consulting services to help in the implementation of your Microsoft Dynamics solution. Our objective is to have a strong, cost-effective Dynamics solution that is a perfect fit for your business and processes. We deliver projects on-budget and on time and our Dynamics experts are seasoned professionals who can add immense value to your solution by working closely with you. They suggest workarounds and tweaks that will ensure the solution meets your business needs and requirements. The goal is to ensure a smooth implementation right from the evaluation phase to integration in day-to-day operations.

Pre-sales Evaluation

Pre-sales Evaluation

Proof of Concept: We do this to ensure the feasibility of successful ERP system implementation.
Customized Demo: We show you a demo to allow you to gain insight into Dynamics features and resulting benefits within the environment you are used to.
Licensing Requirements: We help you to decide the most cost-effective number of licenses required.

Deployment & Configuration Planning

Deployment Plan: We make a cost-effective plan that will keep the burden on your internal resources to the minimum during implementation.
On-premises Hosting: In case you require on-site deployment, we suggest the best possible configuration, servers and setup you will need.
Cloud Hosting: If you like the flexibility and low costs associated with running the solution off the Cloud we suggest the optimum way to do that.

Deployment & Configuration Planning
Operational Assistance

Operational Assistance

Operational Planning: This ensures best practices are implemented in the usage of your Dynamics solution.
Customization: We may suggest customization of the software to better fulfill your specific business requirements.
Training Services: We help train your employees on the usage of the Dynamics solution so it increases core competency and optimizes usage.

Software Upgrades

Production Environment Review: Helps you get the most from the Dynamics solution implemented to maximize efficiency and productivity of your environment.
Software Upgrades: We implement and manage the latest versions of your Dynamics solutions when existing ones are outdated.
New Functionality Implementation: We suggest new added functionality for your solution as your organization transforms and grows to meet new business challenges.
Support: We provide a high level of support with years of Dynamics software experience behind us to ensure maximum uptime and minimal downtime.

Software Support